Service desk and 27/7 alarm monitoring

How it works

Monitoring from remote managed service center of complete technical stack from software components to underlying operating systems and network devices. Our expert front office technicians ensure smooth running of platforms, synchronize with users for troubleshooting and with engineers for planned work. With tight monitoring in place we are able to immediately identify degraded performance and come up with immediate actions.

Example remedy actions

  • watch alerts
  • perform component restarts
  • lead incident recovery
  • service desk
  • send notifications and reports - sms, call, e-mail
  • coordinate troubleshooting calls


24/7 monitoring

Technical support - help when applications are down and customers need them



How it works

Solve complex and elusive problems in systems, code, and configuration. Our technical experts carefully manage emergency support and address performance, scalability, and security issues on systems. We'll pinpoint and resolve the problems swiftly, so your business recovers with minimal downtime.

Example remedy actions

  • troubleshoot and fix issues on software running on Ubuntu, Centos or Windows 
  • analyse heap dumps of Java apps to diagnose memory-related problems
  • dig into log files
  • analyse performance over time
  • retrieve system metrics

System Administration - run with minimal downtime and keep systems updated

How it works

System administration for systems running on cloud, bare metal or VMs. Experts will keep your systems reliable, updated and running.

Example actions

  • Install, patch and maintain Linux or Windows systems
  • Automate tasks by shell scripting or utilities
  • Monitor, secure and check vulnerabilities of systems
  • Backup and restoration
  • Plan infrastructure for scale


system administration

Cloud migration - scale up with reliable infrastructure on public cloud


cloud service

How it works

Whether you're doing the first step in a cloud journey or your systems are running on cloud platforms for a good time now, the cloud infrastructure team can take care of your cloud components while in-house IT can focus on innovation. 

Example actions

  • Cloud Infrastructure Strategy
  • Migration and transformation services
  • Integration with onsite tools
  • Cloud orchestration
  • Component scaling
  • Lift and shift for monolithic applications