Customers less likely to be impacted by technical outages

With tight monitoring in place we are able to immediately identify degraded performance and come up with immediate actions. This means that your customers are less likely to notice degradation and start using other services. 

Immediate incident recovery

Monitoring is handled from remote managed service center and is focused on immediate incident recovery. We work with your customers to understand the issue and we synchronize with engineers for troubleshooting and planned work.

Automated Restoration

To speed up recovery we setup automated actions based on incoming alerts such as restarts based on failed components and system scale-out based on resource utilization, saturation or errors.

Alert Handling

A fully managed service to keep the flow of alerts under control. We help setup alerts and monitor them according to an agreed schedule. With built in alarm history interfaced to incident tracking tooling, we make sure no alert gets missed and corrective actions can be audited.

Having no time difference guarantees common working time and ability to visit your virtual delivery center

alerting view

Component Restarts

We make sure that vital elements for your service such as number of requests, error rate or duration are under monitoring. Has the error rate increased for one of the monitored endpoints ?

We interact with the components that enable delivery of this service, determine why the degradation occurred and restart the failed elements. Does your service need to be scaled out during times of high traffic ? We spin up new instances to take over the load.

Lead incident Recovery 

By having someone in charge of an incident you are making sure everything is tracked, logged and relevant parties are contacted to take part in the resolution process.

If the resolution involves third party service providers, cloud suppliers, partners or onsite technicians we ensure access is arranged, replacement parts are ordered and the technician has remote support to conduct the repair. 

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