splunk aws add-on inputs

Generate configuration files for Splunk Add-on for AWS using Ansible

The Splunk Add-on for AWS is an addon supporting data collection from AWS services. At the time of writing, it can seamlessly collect AWS config, AWS config rules, AWS Cloudtrail, CloudWatch, Cloudwatch logs and AWS inspector, Kinesis, S3 via SQS and billing data.

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nagios mysql

Monitor mySQL DB performance with Nagios

Nagios can be easily set up to handle graphing of mySQL database performance metrics. The set of indicators will be graphed by pnp4nagios, a performance data analyzer and grapher for Nagios.

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Console view of ping response times

A visual representation in terminal window can be used to keep a log of commands and their output in a single file and to copy and paste code snips from terminal to emails and chat.Read more